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Paigah Tombs: mausoleums with remarkable artistry

The Paigah tombs, date back to the late eighteenth century and embody unparalleled grace and elegance in marble. Though these stunning tombs are strewn over 30-40 acres, tombs of the Paigahas who had married daughters of the Nizams and their spouses. It is this enclosure which is now known as Paigah tombs. The Paigahs were also the foremost palace builders of Hyderabad

Paigah Tombs are in Santoshnagar, 10 kilometers from Hyderabad city center.

The Bond: The Paigah nobles were very close to the Nizams and very powerful and influential, taking care of the security and defence of the state.

The bonds between the Nizams and the Paigah nobility strengthened with the marriage of Fakhr-ud- din Khan with the daughter of the second Nizam. Fakr-ud-din’s descendants married daughters of other Nizams and consequently, in protocol, the Paigahs were considered next only to the Nizams. The tombs are a series of mausoleums built for these Paigahs and immediate members of their families.


Remarkable Artistry: These structures are specimens of remarkable artistry showing itself off in exquisite inlaid msaic work. Local people claim that the geometrical patterns of the sculptural features of these tombs are unique and not found anywhere in the world.

An iron plaque at the entrance of the complex traces the Paigah lineage and eulogises the marble magnificence of the mausoleums. The Paigahs were also great patrons of arts, literature and sports and commanded the respect of the rulers and the people

Paigah Palace was built by Sir Vicar-ul-Umra, a Paigah nobleman. This was built after he gifted the famous Falaknuma Palace to the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad state, Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI.

Source: wikipedia

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