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Wonders Of Hyderabad
Best Top 10 Shopping Destination in Hyderabad

The Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are enchantingly cosmopolitan. People from various parts of India are living here since generations and have enriched each others' linguistic and religious subcultures. Besides the state's official language Telugu, you can hear lots of Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Rajasthani, and Urdu on the streets of Hyderabad. You can also hear one more language, the Dakhni, that is very special to Hyderabad. It is an interesting mixture of Hindi, Urdu and all other local languages. The multilingual nature of the Twin Cities is one reason why visitors from any part of India feel instantly at home here.

A visitor to the city with a fair knowledge of Hindi and Urdu can easily manage through his stay. Yet knowing and using a little bit of main language Telugu, can prove a rewarding experience. Here are a few tips on Telugu that you can use during your stay.

1. Hello Namas-kaaram
2. Goodbye Velli-vastaanu
3. How are you ? Meeru ela-gunnaru ?
4. You are beautiful Meeru chala andam-ga unnaru
5. I am fine Nenu ba-gunnanu

1. My name is Naa peru
2. I am from Nenu ..( country name ) deshapu vaanni
3. Happy to meet you Mimmalni kalisi-nanduku chala     santosham-ga unnadi
4. Sorry, I 'm late Kshamin-chandi, alasyam ayyin-di
1. What is your name ? Mee peru enti ?
2. How do I go there? Akkadiki nenu ela vella-li?
3. How much is this? Idi enta?


Where can I make a phone call? Phone call ekkada cheyya-vacchu?
5. Can you help me? Naaku sahayam chestara?
6. How do I reach the airport? Nenu airportu-ku ela vellali?


Where can I go shopping? Nenu shopping-ki ekkadiki vellali?
8. Was there a call for me? Naa-kosam eva-raina phone chesara?
9. Please take me to a nearest temple / church ? Daya-chesi nannu deggara- unna gudiki / churchki tee-suku vellandi?


Can you tell me which is the good hotel here? Ikkada unna manchi hotel edo, cheputhara?
1. I want to go to ( place name) - Nenu .. (place name) ki vellali
2. I have lost my way Nenu daari tappi-nanu
3. Go to the left Yedam -vaipuki vellandi
4. Go to the right Kudi-vaipuki vellandi
5. Opposite Yeduruga
6. Straight ahead Chakkaga munduku
1. Sorry Kshaminchandi
2. I want it Idi naaku kaavali
3. I don't want it Naaku idi vaddu


Come tomorrow Repu randi
5. Get me a glass of water Naaku oka glass manchi neelu ivvandi
6. I am feeling hungry Naaku akali vestundi


This is a nice place Ee chotu bagundi
8. Drive slowly Bandi melliga nada-pandi
9. We want a tourist guide Maaku oka tourist guide kaavali
10. This cheque is to be encashed Ee chequeni encash chesi dabbulu ivvandi
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A.P State Health Museum
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