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Photo Feature

Jaweed with his creation -Whitehouse Many men acquire talents over the years by their dedicated practice while very few are gifted with an inborn talent. One such man who falls under later category is Jaweed. God has bestowed upon him a rare talent of carving vegetables into mind-boggling structures. Whether animals, plants, human forms or monuments, Jaweed carves vegetables into different shapes with terrific speed. The beautiful creations of Jaweed are not only eye-catching but also symbolize the situation.

Marriage processionJaweed carves vegetables according to the occasion. If it is a marriage function you will find the vegetables in the form of a bride and bridegroom going on in a procession. If it is a birthday party then the carving changes to suit the occasion. Jaweed's fingers can create magic out of simple vegetables. He takes every care to see that the minutest details are not left out while carving. For example, one of his carving consists of a bridegroom sitting on an elephant and a bride sitting in a palki. Apart from these, you will also find shehnai players and drum beaters following the couple in the marriage procession.

Recreating marriage ceremonyJaweed who entered into this rare field just 7 years ago, says that he took up vegetable carving due to compulsions and unemployment. Says Jaweed "I was working as a salesman in one of the stalls put up during the All India industrial exhibition in 1994. One day my boss told me that I would be paid only 100 rupees for my work. Then I felt very disappointed and left the job. After that, there was nothing for me to work. I did not had money and I use to simply sit in home. And during that period, I use to pick up the vegetables and convert them into beautiful shapes. My mother use to tell me to do some useful work but I use to carve like a mad man with full passion."

Crocodile made with bitter gourdThus began his voyage with vegetable carving. He made the parties and marriage functions come alive with his creative art. Appreciation came pouring in for his outstanding work. When Jaweed presented one of his creations to former Chief Minister N.T Rama Rao on his birthday, the matinee idol could not control his emotions and hugged him in delight. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu too complimented his work. But the biggest compliment of all came from the American embassy. When Jawed presented a Whitehouse carved out of an ash gourd to the American embassy in Mumbai. The embassy people felt so happy with his work that they granted him a ten-year visa to go to USA. "I wanted to present the Whitehouse to Bill Clinton when he visited Hyderabad last year but due to security reasons I could not do that. But I will definitely present a Whitehouse to American President Junior Bush when I go to USA in May,"says 38 year old Jaweed.

Adorning the functionJawed takes less than three hours to convert the vegetables into unbelievable shapes. Bitter gourd, carrot, radish and ash gourd are some of the common vegetables, which Jawed uses in his work. Crocodiles, camels, elephants, birds, Buckingham palace, Whitehouse, men playing cricket, flower bouquets are some of the notable works of Jaweed. He was featured in BBC, Zee TV and 'Surabhi' Programme on Doordarshan. His ambition is to get into Guinness book of World Records.

"Inshallah.... I will achieve that feat one day" says Jaweed looking towards god.

Address: SM Jaweed, House # 22-4-526,
Etebar Chowk, Mufeed-ul-Anam Girls School Lane,
Kotla Alijah Road, Hyderabad-500 002.
Phone: 457 8421

Photo Feature

- MAR Fareed
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