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On the occasion of its 22nd anniversary, Sarasa Navarasa conducted a three-day festival of multilingual plays.

Listening to BharatmataThe festival opened with a 25-year old Telugu playlet Manushu-lostunnaru Jagratta written by Yendamuri Veerendranath and presented by Sarasa Navarasa. Directed by Nagaraj Rao, the play was suitably updated for modern times. It depicted the travails of the helpless youth and showed how situations provoke the animal in them. The grim story was put across with lots of finesse.

Jaam Gaach (Jamun ka Ped) - (Bengali): A newly formed theatre group Spandan, for their first theatrical venture, chose Kishan Chand's Urdu story Jamun ka Ped and staged its Bengali version. While adapting the Urdu story, Director Dr P. Goswami made imaginative use of songs and dances to symbolically depict the snail-paced movement of files in government offices. The playlet opened with an arresting scene in which a man is trapped under a fallen Jamun tree.To remove the tree from government land and save the man involves an elaborate bureaucratic system. The satire in the play was effectively brought out by its 18 characters.

Wooing  MainawatiParde ke Peeche - (Hindi): Hearteningly, an all-ladies play, this was a delightful skit on what happens just before a group of women are about to stage a play. Directed by Geeta Rao and staged by Sarasa Navarasa, the cast was mostly made up of Telugu speaking artists. It consisted of Pushpa, Aruna, Suneeta, Chitra, Vasudha, Geeta Rao and child star Shravani. The gentle humour, the bickerings and each woman's fancies kept the viewers amused.

Mera Bharat Mahan - (Telugu): Directed by Holagundi Rama Mohan and staged by Nishumbhita, this Telugu play gripped the audience right from the beginning when 'Gandhiji' walked from amongst them on to the stage. A huge, well coordinated cast reflected social and political concerns that are plaguing our day to day lives.

Sabse Sasta Gosht - (Urdu): Presented by Koshish Theatre Group from the old city, the play directed by Holagundi Rama Mohan and enacted by children, depicted how politicians and outsiders create rift and enemity between peace loving people and how a situation arises that makes human flesh (gosht) the cheapest.

Gardha-bhaandam - (Telugu): Written by Tanikela Bharani, this play dealt with the machinations of a corrupt and cunning Hawaldar or a Kotwalminister. A satire and several humorous punch lines regaled the viewers. A Nishumbhita presentation, the play was directed by Holagundi Rama Mohan.

Saiyya bhaye Kotwal - (Hindi): Originally written in Marathi by Vasant Sabnis, this play has already received wide acclaim from all corners of the nation. Directors Vinay Varma and G. Bharadwaj staged the Hindi version on behalf of Sutradhar School of Acting. Done in a folk style, the play farcically depicted how a hawaldar, for the sake of Mainawati, his lady love, tries hard to become the Kotwal of the kingdom. Jennifer as Mainawati and Vinay Verma as the ambitious hawaldar, with an excellent support from the entire team made the play an enriching experience.

Deta ka Aadhar - (Marathi): A Rangadhara presentation, this two-character humourous sattire was written by Dasu Vaidya and directed by Bhaskar Shewalkar. "Damodar Nagurkar" who arrives in a town to participate in a Drama Competition suddenly finds himself left in the lurch. However, he teams with God Krishna and is determined that the show will somehow go on. A twist at the end and the poser to the audience made the play not only enjoyable but also meaningful.


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