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How do you determine preheat and post heat temperature during welding, annealing and stress relieving in metal fabrication? You cannot measure with thermometres when temperatures as high as 400 degrees centigrade. In such situations Thermopens prove useful.

Thermopens are surface temperature indicating crayons. Thermopens indicate surface temperature by changing a chalk mark into a liquid smear. Crayon thermopens are available with pre-indicated temperatures on them like say, 250, 300, 350, 400 degrees Centigrade, marked on their surface where the temperature is to be measured. If the chalk mark turns into a liquid smear then the surface has attained the rated Thermopen temperature. If the chalk mark remains unchanged, then the surface temperature is lower than that rated for the thermopen. Thermopens find their aplication in measuring operating temperatures of transformers, motors, glass blowing, steam traps, molds, electronic components, heat transfer application and hydraulic systems. They are free of Lead and Sulphur. Colour changing stickers and crayons are also available.
Address: M.B. Enterprises, 4-4-85, Mahankali Street, Secunderabad - 500 003
Phone: 771 1522, 771 2513
91-040-771 4416
Mohan G. Jagan

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