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How do you cope with exam pressure?

In every household, the period from January to March witnesses stress time. No parties, late evenings or outings. What is the reason for this? Well, it's exam time! Children and parents are stressed out.

One wonders about what causes stress in parents when it is actually the child who is appearing for his or her exams.

Listed below are some of the causes of stress in parents:

Parents' high expectations from their children.

Poor disciplining, leading to poor study habits in children.

Discrepancy between the ability of the child and parental expectations.

Exam phobia and other anxiety symptoms in the child.


 The following tips could ease the tension for both children and parents 

Remember that children are very tense during this period. Therefore, parents need to be extra sensitive to their needs during this time.

Make sure you are at home in the evenings. Avoid going to parties and other social gatherings.

Even if your child is intelligent, self-sufficient and studies by himself or herself, it is still important that the parents are at home while the child studies.

It would really help to tell her/him to get back to her/his books and that you will help her/him with the respective subject.

Get involved with the child's studies. It could be helping her/him organising his/her study pattern. But never show over-involvement.

When the child is studying make sure that the other members of the house do not get into heated arguments or joke and laugh loudly. This tends to distract the child considerably.

Make sure that the child has nutritious food to eat. Reward the child with some delicacies, because the child is foregoing other pleasurable activities during this time.

Do not be negative in your statements to the child, saying things like "I know you are going to do badly this time". Rather, be positive while speaking to the child.

Do not allow your anxieties to be perceived by the child. On the other hand, show the child that you have complete confidence in her/his abilities.

In general, during this period, a lot of stress can be avoided if we redefine our attitudes and reflect on what issues are of concern to us with regard to the child. But your expectations need to be realistic.


Realise that knowledge is power and the key to success.

Studies are as important as watching TV and playing.

Be organised so that both work and play go hand in hand.

Gather details about different courses so that you have a wide choice of careers.

Choose a course you are comfortable in, not one that might bring in more money!

Never dismiss outright the views and suggestions of elders.

Never be disheartened by setbacks. Remember they are stepping stones to success and life always gives you a second chance.

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