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Guard Against LPG Disaster
TINY LIFE SAVIOURNow a days, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is widely used as fuel. On one hand LPG is clean and sophisticated fuel, but on the other it becomes disastrous when it leaks and and catches fire accidentally. Accidents due to gas leakage can be easily avoided if a gas leak alarm is installed. In other words, if a'Gas Vigil' is set up.

Gas Vigil is an advanced, compact electronic uni,. the electronic sensors of which can detect LP Gas leakage and activate an alarm to make you alert. It gives you a chance to take precautionary steps to avoid possible gas leakage accidents.

'Gas Vigil' is available in three different forms viz suitable for kitchens, vehicles using CNG or LPG and industries. Tiny, buzzer like Gas Vigils are for kitchens and vehicles. The industrial Gas Vigil comes with a number of sensors. The sensors can be placed in various places of the industry. The price of the device useful in kitchens and vehicles is Rs 693 and Rs 793 respectively. The price of the device useful for industrial purpose depends on the number of sensors and the length of cable required for installing it. A Gas Vigil with 8 sensors costs around Rs 10,000. Not much considering that it can save a precious more.

Address: Matrix Associates, 305, Kubera Towers, Narayanaguda, Hyderabad - 500 029.
Phone: 6588688


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