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 Flourescent Bulbs Provide Cool Light... 

Use lights according to the mood you want to set: to highlight portions or for practical uses. Accent lighting emphasizes specific details in a room, such as paintings or decorative pieces. General lighting provides background light in a room. Local lighting illuminates a specific area for a specific activity--for example, reading. (Flourescent bulbs provide cool light, lasting four or five years).

Uses of lighting:

flourescent bulbs* Low-voltage bulbs furnish a precise beam for floodlighting or highlighting.
* Baffles, or panels, conceal bulbs for indirect lighting.
*Cornice lighting casts light downward over a wall.
* Spotlights are used for directional and accent lighting. They can be mounted onto the ceiling, set into it or attached to a track.
* Uplights accent objects above them.
* 'Dimmer Switches' permit a variety of lighting levels at the turn of a knob; they save energy when operated at a low level.
* Ceiling mounted fixtures usually refer to fixtures dropped from the ceiling on a wire; they provide good overall light.
* Pendant fixtures give light according to their shades. The larger the shade, the subtler the light cast.

 Thick Porcelain Absorbs The Heat Of the Beverages... 

The first thing you have to be sure of before you go out to buy crockery is the amount of money you want to spend. The price for a set of cup and saucers can range from Rs 60 to Rs 1250.

How do you judge the quality of crockery ?

porcelainPorcelain crockery is better if it is thinner. For example, a cup of thin porcelain can maintain the heat of the liquid inside for a longer time. The thicker the walls the sooner the beverage inside loses heat. The price depends on the finish and the artistic work. For example, dinner plates inlaid with 24 carat gold lining can cost you 15 times more than ordinary crockery. Artistic work with colours like purple, red and pink cost more because the lacquers used are more expensive. Bone China is more expensive because the materials used, both bone ash and China clay are very expensive. A slightly thicker variety of Bone China crockery is more durable.

When you buy glassware:

Always check that the edges are smooth and rounded. A greenish tinge more towards the bottom of the glass indicates inferior variety of glass.Check for air bubbles in the glass, this indicates processing has not been right.

Taking care of Silverware:

Fine silverware should be used frequently, not packed away for special occasions. Constant wear actually enhances the beauty of a solid silver piece. Rinse silverware in clear hot water, especially so if they have been in contact with salt, eggs, olives vinegar, fruit juices etc. Dry items with a towel.
Do not use hot water on antique silverware and oxidised silverware. Hot water loosens hollow handles on the former and dissolve the decorative pattern of the latter. To polish silver, gently rub the item length wise with a soft, dry cloth. Clean crevices with a cotton swab or a natural bristle brush. Wash and rinse the item, then buff it with a soft cloth. Keep rubber bands and plastic food wrap away from silverware. They can stain or corrode even silver items covered with several layers of tissue or cloth.

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