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  Diagnosis by pendulum!!

A firm believer in detecting disease by studying radiation patterns, Dr Z.N. Hashmi has been in the field of Radionics since 40 years and has cured many troublesome diseases like tuberculosis, asthma, ulcers, Dr  Z.N. Hashmigangrene, obesity, sterility, mental retardation, cancer and encephalitis.

A pioneer in the field of Radiesthesia, a treatment by radionics, Dr Hashmi says that with radionics it is now possible to diagnose a case even in the absence of the patient. From the sample of a drop of blood or urine, hair, thumb impression, photograph, or a voice over the phone.

As an example, Dr Hashmi cites a case of distant healing where he cured a patient from Iran suffering with chronic asthma without ever meeting or seeing the patient. All he had done was to work on his photograph. Indeed, "Radionics is unique in the sense it has a facility for remote diagnosis and remote treatment," says
Dr Hashmi.

Radionics is based on the principle that radiation, with its particular vibration rate, is present in all forms of matter at all times and can be detected by all those who are having extra sensory perception and electro-magnetism in their body.

To explain in simple terms: the human body comprises not just dense physical matter but also the subtle and invisible energy field around it. This energy field manifests the health of a physical body. Thus, by healing the energy field, you can heal the physical body itself. Further, the energy field of one part of any system is inextricably connected with the energy field of the rest of the system, even if the part is physically separated. Hence a hair or a fingernail continues to be united with its parent body even after it is cut and separated from the body by hundreds of miles. Put these things together and one has a basic idea of how radionics probably works.

Though the principles of Radionics were known to mankind since ages, its application in the medical field is recent. Dr Abraham of San Francisco was one of the first physicians to turn his attention towards wireless waves which emanate from the human body. In 1920s Dr Abraham was studying spinal reflexes by means of percussion when he found that all tuberculosis patients gave a dull sound when tapped at certain spots on their back. Later Dr Gyan Richards took a step further when he successfully measured vibration rates of different diseases, human organs and various medicines which have now become useful to the present users of Radionics in the field of medicine.

Dr Hashmi, the fair and frail 70 plus doctor, uses a metal pendulum for measuring intensity of radiations. Its vibrations help him in deciding on the intensity of the patient's disease. For treating patients, Dr Hashmi says that he uses parasympathetic and sympathetic methods of allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy and unani systems of medicine. When necessary, he also takes recourse to the Chinese yin and ying system and the DNA and RNA of Psionic medicine.

Measuring Radiation Successful Treatments
Dr Hashmi recollects a case where a lady who had just arrived from England and diagnosed as having cancer came to him. However, Dr Hashmi, with the help of his little metal pendulum found that her cancer vibration rate was quite low and hence, easily curable. His treatment began. The patient's bleeding was arrested in just a few days. The woman was cured. Dr Hashmi claims that he can also cure AIDS. He tells that he was recently successful in reducing AIDS symptoms in a mother and daughter.

Dr Hashmi reveals another interesting fact. The water of Osmansagar lake in Hyderabad, which has a high radiation pattern because of its association with the red soil of Anantagiri hills, can be effectively used for curing tuberculosis. He says, "I often advice TB patients to drink this water regularly." Radiesthesia has cured cases where surgery was advised. It has also cured undiagnosed cases and cases where no cause of the disease was found. Says Dr. Hashmi, "I have treated cases of renal failure, many cases of early cancer and some cases of advanced cancer with secondaries in which treatment was indicated."

With such achievements, the sciences of radionics and Radiesthesia could as well become a new frontier in the development of alternative diagnostic and healing systems.

Address: Dr ZN Hashmi, Behind Police Officers Mess, 10-5-3/1, Masab Tank, Hyderabad-500 028
Phone: 339 1533
 OR: 4-6-539, Meghraj Bhavan, Esamia Bazar, Hyderabad-500 027
Phone: 465 6902

- Fareed M.A.R

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