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Dr MS Gowd with the patient"Good teeth give a good smile and a good smile adds to your beauty," says Dr M S Gowd, a renowned Prosthodontist of India. A practicing dentist since three decades, Dr M S Gowd, is the founder of the famous Dr MS Gowd Dental Hospitals in the city. He is the official dental surgeon to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh and is a recipient of state, national and international awards including a fellowship from American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has written a number of books on dentistry including the first book in Telugu on cosmetic dentistry, "Mee Chirunavvu Sarididhukondi" and a book titled 'Smile' in English. Dr Gowd who is also the President of the Indian Prosthodontic Society spoke to Hyderabad-Best.Com in an exclusive interview.

Good teeth adds to your beautyYou've been in the field since three decades and you might have seen many developments taking place in the field of dentistry. Can you throw some light on the advancements that have taken place in the field of dentistry?
Dentistry in recent years has made enormous development to cope with the
increasing demand for dental services. This is chiefly due to the awareness among the people both in India and abroad regarding dental diseases and preventive aspects. A lot of research has been conducted to make the patient more comfortable in the dental chair by decreasing the working time and using painless techniques. Some of the latest equipment which are being widely used in the field are computer dental imaging, intra-oral cameras, electronic pulp testesr, de-sensitran equipment, magnetic dentures, film less X-rays and CAD/CAM. Computer Dental Imaging is basically used to appraise the patient the condition in which he is and what would be his future condition after the treatment. The Intra-Oral Camera is very useful in analysing the interior of the mouth in an enlarged image on the screen. With CAD/CAM technology, dentists can design and make inlays, veneers and crowns.

Before the treatmentWhat are the different treatments available in Dr Gowds Dental Hospitals?
We are specialised in Implants, Smile Designs, Laser treatment and Orthognathic surgery. We provide treatment in all areas of dentistry including surgical correction of irregular teeth, braces for correction of crooked
teeth, laser treatment for bad breath, ceramic laminates for discoloured teeth and lost tooth replacements with implants and bridges. Lamination, which is our speciality is an extension of bonding technique. It consists of applying a thin veneer of pre-formed porcelain, composite resin or plastic to the teeth in the same way as an artificial fingernail is affixed to a natural nail. Orthognathic surgery is a unique surgery where the correction of the teeth is done immediately. This is a substitute for clips and can be carried out for anyone including children and the aged. When a tooth is lost due to accidents or gum diseases,After the treatment then dental implants provide an ideal solution. Implants are anchored in the jaw bone to provide a stable foundation on which replaced teeth are firmly attached. Implants preserve the healthy tooth substance and can also safeguard the bone structure. In this case, the patient is spared from the filing of the tooth structure.

People have many misconceptions about dental treatment. Many fear that dental treatment leads to side effects. How do you allay such kind of wrong notions?
There is no truth in them. Dental treatment will not lead to any kind of side effects. Today dental treatment is accepted all over the world. It has
become very effective and easy due to the availability of various dental equipment. New dental equipment like Dental Laser, have become quite effective in treating dental related problems. In normal cases, when you remove a tooth it takes 2 to 3 days to heal but the Dental Laser heals the socket quickly. Dental Laser is also used to vaporise decay, to eliminate dental hypersensitivity, to perform pit and fissure therapy, to prevent cavity formation and to perform gum surgeries. Then there are treatments like root canal treatment and bone grafting which help in keeping the tooth intact with its supporting structures. So with so many advancements taking place in this field, you need not have any apprehensions about treatment.

Are dental diseases communicable ones? If so, do they have any relation in transmitting the dreaded AIDS?
No, dental diseases are not at all communicable ones. But, if there is a wound or a cut in the mouth, then there is the possibility of transmission of a dental disease, specially during the course of kissing. Otherwise in normal circumstances dental diseases are not transmitted from one person to other. We take all precautionary measures while treating the patient. We use disposable gloves, syringes and masks.

Is dental treatment an expensive process?
Except for few treatments like Orhtognathic surgery and dental implants, most of the dental treatments are cheap. New equipment and treatment procedures have come into use and within 6-8 hours a dental problem can be treated. In the conventional way, by using braces it will take more than a year to correct irregular teeth, but by using orhtognathic surgery irregular teeth can be corrected very quickly. Similarly closing of the gaps between teeth can be done with VLC technology, which is very effective. Therefore dental treatment is playing an important role in increasing the beauty of the face and smile.

Today you are considered as one of the leading dentists in the country. How does it feel to be labelled as one of the leading dentists in the country?
I am in the field since more than three decades. But I still feel that I am a student of dentistry. I keep learning new techniques and try to implement them in my profession. I update myself on the latest innovations in the field of dentistry by participating in conferences and workshops held in different countries from time to time. I try to share my knowledge with others by presenting case reports and papers. I browse through the net to keep abreast of the latest developments taking place in the dental field. Although I have received a number of international fellowships and awards, I have a lot to learn.

What are your future plans?
I am planning to visit the rural and slum areas to educate people about dental related problems. I want to educate people about the bad effects of consuming gutkha and other tobacco products which will lead to oral cancer. This will give me a lot of satisfaction since people residing in these areas do not have enough knowledge about dentistry. I recently took up the dental check up of about 1-lakh children with the help of the Red Cross Society. I am planning to carry forward this kind of work which will be really beneficial to the people.

Dr Gowds Dental Hospitals
19, Durga Enclave, Road# 1
(Road # 12), Banjara Hills
Hyderabad-500 034

Phone: 332 6777, 332 6888
Fax: 332 6777

- MAR Fareed

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