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Nothing can be more refreshing than a casual atmosphere and a steaming cup of coffee...

A FINE DINING EXPERIENCEIt's indeed a rare opportunity to sample authentic Chinese cuisine in India, let alone in Hyderabad. But thanks to Mainland China, you actually can do so. The restaurant, right from its food to the speed of service and interior decor, subscribes to exacting standards.

Mainland China was born a year ago in the posh locales of Banjara Hills. Brought to Hyderabad by Aryal Chatterjee, a Mumbai based businessman, there is a Mainland China in Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta. In Mumbai, the company even runs a restaurant that has only fish on the menu.

But let's get back to Mainland China in Hyderabad and sample the food. There's some delicious kimchi- spiced cabbage, on the table. Something that doesn't sound so great but can really fire your appetite. Just what you need before you start whetting it with some Hot Chicken Soup, crisp Lamb Konjee or the Prawn Hunan. Moving onto the main course. The fried rice is well made and it's perfect when coupled with a simple Chicken and Mushroom in Oyster Sauce or Lamb Slices in spicy hot Bean Sauce. Fish lovers can go for the Bekhti (Sliced Fish).

What's truly amazing about this restaurant is the speed of service. The hot, steaming food arrives so fast, that you wonder if they had pre-guessed your order. The desserts served here are a teaser to the taste buds. You must order a Daarsasaan, a sweet dish of flat rice tossed in honey or the Date Wanton Pancake. The food does cost a bit but then all is fair when there's good food on the table.

But how come the food tastes so fine? Assistant Manager, Latish Nair, is quick to point out, "Our chefs are from Hongkong. Besides we believe in serving only fresh food. The sea food served here is flown from Mumbai everyday." Fresh, delicious, well made, yummy… a whole list of adjectives come to you at the beginning of your meal and linger long after the meal is over, just like the tasty food. Can a restaurant ask for more? Can a lover of Chinese food ask for better?

Address: Mainland China, G S Plaza, 8-2-672, Mehdi Nawaz Jung Marg, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034,
330-4500 / 330-4600 / 330-4700,
Contact Person:
Latish Nair


- Divya Unnikrishnan

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