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Nothing can be more refreshing than a casual atmosphere and a steaming cup of coffee...

Servers, dressed as shikarisOhri's, which started a new trend in the restaurant business by opening Ming's Court, Havmor, and Silver Metro under one roof has opened another designer restaurant Gufaa, that provides a glimpse of the caves, wild jungles and above all, tasty and delectable Peshawari food. Taking a cue from caves and its rustic ambience, Gufaa takes you into the primitive cave ambience which one would have seen either in the movies or in wild dreams.

Cave ambiencePeshawari cuisine, which is the specialty of Gufaa, is quite popular in the North West Frontier along the Pakistan and Afghanistan border. Ohri's has roped in Qureshi brothers, who are experts in making Peshawari cuisine. Two brothers Ashfaque and Irfan and his father Imtiaz Qureshi were quite instrumental in increasing the popularity of Peshawari food. In fact, Imtiaz Qureshi was the person who introduced Dum Pukht cooking in five star hotels. The Qureshi brothers have also worked in Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi. Speaking about Peshawari food, Ashfaque says, "Peshawari food is also known as Baluchi food. And it is mostly a dry food with robust kababs". Their forefathers were also in the cooking scenario for 200 years.

Gufaa does not want to cater to only Peshawari food lovers. The customers will also have an opportunity to taste the delicious Awadhi food with its subtle flavour and refined cooking.

The idea behind opening such a theme restaurant in the city is basedLeft to right: Qureshi brothers, Renu, Ravi Ohri, Amar Ohri on growing worldwide trend on theme restaurants, says Amar Ohri Managing Director, Ohri's Group. Mr Amar Ohri is educated in Switzerland in Hotel Management and did his MBA from USA. "We want to create a different ambience, different cuisine and we want to make our restaurant accessible to all. The menu is an eclectic mix of everything and the restaurant was built at a cost of Rs 2.5 crores. The interior designing has been done by Mr Siraj and Ms Renu from Hyderabad", says Mr Ohri. Ohri's are also planning to start a Ohri's chain of restaurants which will be opened in Banjara Hills, Bangalore and Chennai.

With the latest pyrotechnics and lighting, Gufaa will definitely be a show stealer in terms of ambience and decor. For an unforgettable experience at Gufaa, the entrance roof has been illuminated with fibre optics to give a starry nights effect. Specially imported for this purpose, the fibre optics give you an out-of-the-world cuisine experience. The wall murals, the furniture and musical accompaniments are other aspects, which have been specially customised to merge and enhance the theme of Gufaa.

Rabab playerGufaa is a trendsetter in more ways than one. Apart from the ambience, you can also see the servers dressed in a Shikaari style serving you hot kababs. And there is also a rabab player, who takes you into the world of old film songs with his delightful rabab music. Added to this, there are electric torches that illuminate Gufaa and give a new definition in lighting the restaurants. Gufaa can serve 80 people at a time. The opening of Gufaa is also marked with the starting of two conference halls Kabila-I and Kabila-II which can pack 150 people at a time.

Address: Gufaa, Ohri's Cuisine Court, 5-9-30/16-20, Opp. Gandhi Medical College, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad. Phone: 329 8811, 329 8822, 323 6504. Fax: 323 5990. E-mail:

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- MAR Fareed
Photographs: Srinivas Setty
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