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The Indonesian Food and Cultural Festival held in ITC Kakatiya Sheraton took the people on an in-depth journey into the food and culture of Indonesia. The festival was a hit with the locals as they could see the centuries old Balinese dance and also got a taste of rich Indonesian food. An Indonesian meal usually consists of a main rice dish with a combination of meat, chicken, fish, vegetable and egg dishes, plus several pickle and "soup" dishes. Immigrants from China, India, Arab and Europe had a great influence on the recipes of the largest archipelago in the world.

The festival was held in Deccan Pavilion, a multi-cuisine restaurant in ITC Kakatiya Sheraton. The dancers and chefs were specially flown in from Indonesia for the food and cultural festival.


Panyembrama - welcoming dance
This is a welcoming dance. Most of its movements are inspired by the movements of sacred dances, which are performed in the temples
around Bali.

Eat 'n' eat hot 'n' hot
The rich Indonesian delicacies have their own taste. Bakwan Udang is one of the popular dishes in Indonesia which has minced shrimp mixed with flour and green onion. Coriander, lemon grass, chillies, pepper, galangal and ginger are the common ingredients used in Indonesian food.

Unmatchable taste
An incredible performance

Jauk dance
The dancer usually wears a mask while performing this kind of dance. It describes the Giant Kink, who is wandering around. The Jauk dance consists of two types, namely, Jauk Enggang and Jauk Longgor. The Jauk Enggang dance uses the red mask, therefore it is usually called Jauk Keras.

Perfect ambience
Deccan Pavilion, a multi-cuisne restaurant in Kakatiya Sheraton was all set to entertain the guests.

Showcasing Andhra
Dancing with joy

The dance describes a way of life of the Cendrawasi bird in Irian Jaya Mountain in the mating season. Two female dancers usually perform this kind of dance. This attractive dance was created by NLN Swasthi Wijaya in 1988.

Fruits are forever

The primary dessert available in Indonesia is fruit, which is available in more varieties than you can think of. There are literally tens or even hundreds of different kinds of bananas alone, from a small, gold-coloured banana to a foot or foot-and-a-half, dark green ones.

Juicy fruits

Rich food which you love to eat

Relish the taste

Indonesian dishes have evolved over the years and have been influenced by Asian and European countries. The Indonesian desserts are unique in taste and rich
in variety.

- MAR Fareed
Photographs by:
Srinivas Shetty

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