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'Lazzat-e-dahen'-biryani festival 
Hyderabad is well known for its delicacies, especially Hyderabad biryani. The biryani has found a special place among food lovers all across the globe. Anyone visiting the city doesn't want to leave the city without tasting the lazzatdar and khushbudar Hyderabad biryani. Often referred to as the king of delicacies, the aromatic biryani made form basmati rice has its unique taste which makes everyone crave for it.

Hotel GolkondaKeeping in mind the richness and taste of biryani, Golkonda hotel organised a week long biryani festival 'Lazzat-e-dahen' that had a wide variety of delectable biryanis prepared in the traditional way. 'The jewel of Nizam' restaurant in Golkonda hotel was well decorated and stewards were attired in traditional clothes. The jewel of Nizam where the festival was organised is a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers the connoisseur, a rich mouth-watering spread. Generally the menu in this restaurant includes an imaginative mix of Hyderabadi, Indian and Oriental delights. But on the occasion of biryani festival the menu included shorbas, biryani, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, breads, desserts, etc.

'The jewel of Nizam'The week long festival has seven different varieties of delectable and mouthwatering biryani on its menu. They include kachi Falaknuma biryani, lazeez sofiyani biryani, jhinga janam biryani, birbali hundi biryani, babycorn mushroom biryani, tarkari handi biryani, and golkonda special biryani. Telling about the recipe of some of the biryanis Rambabu, the chef behind these preparations says, "Lazeez sofiyani biryani, is authentic chicken biryani cooked in dum and served with salan(gravy) and rait, golkonda special biryani is a special biryani made with a collection of dals and mince meat cooked on dum and for sea food lovers we made jhinga janam biryani which has tiger prawns marinated with rich Indian spices cooked on dum". He says all these dishes are prepared in the traditional way and with dum cooking. Other than this, there were also non-vegetarian dishes like murg shikampura- chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy with strips of capsicum and spinach, patthar ka gosht and shammi kabab, a lucknowi kabab which has minced meat dumplings with a home made mixture, and deep fried to golden brown.

Some of the dishes at the biryani festivalThe dessert lovers had their own choices in the form of zarda and Golkonda pan. Don't confuse them with chewing pan and zarda. In fact zarda is a flaky rice dessert whereas golkonda pan is a rich khoya dessert made with white pumpkin. There was also pyasi jung, a concentrated milk with nuts and saffron,and regulars like khubani ka meetha and sheer khorma.

Although the festival is named as biryani festival, it had something for vegetarians in the form of vegetarian dishes like pudina dal kabab and aloo nazakat.

Address: Hotel Golkonda, Masab Tank, Hyderabad-500 028.
Phone: 332 0202. Fax: 332 0404.

- MAR Fareed

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