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Balti cuisineDoes anyone know that there is a place called Baltistan in the Himalayan ranges which is famous for its cuisine? Not many people know about it. But if you are a die hard fan of food and want to know more about Balti delicacies then check into Kebab-e-Bahar in Taj Banjara where the on going Balti Food Festival is relishing the guests with scrumptious Balti cuisine.

The Balti cuisine inspite of origin in the sub continent is more popular in US & UK. Balti food was virtually unknown outside the Baltic province until an emigrant opened a Balti restaurant at Birmingham. The idea was to cater to other emigrants who missed their special cooking in Britain. But the food was so popular that within 10 years, Balti eateries flourished at a rapid pace all over UK.

Balti foodBut what exactly is a Balti cuisine? "The Balti cuisine draws flavours extensively from Punjab and Kashmir's aromatic spices. Authentic Balti food is slightly oily and flavoured with spices", says Mr Santosh Kutty Food & Beverage Manager, Taj Banjara. At the Kebab-e-Bahar in Taj, the dishes are served in small bucket shaped vessels. The menu has thirty dishes along with desserts. Priced at Rs 180 per dish, the Balti Bhindi, Aloo, Chole, Khumb, Gobi, Palak and Baingan are excellent starters. The Balti mushrooms cooked with Kashmiri spices tastes great. The gobi & palak cooked with a tomato base are mouthwatering. The main cuisine which includes the bread section has naans and rotis which you can have with the vegetables or the Balti Mash Dal, the Masoor or the Milaumi. The non-veg section has over all 12 dishes including Chicken Tikka Balti, Bhuma Murgh Balti, Balti Murgh Saag Aloo. There are also few special preparations at the festival like Khubani Rice, Biryani & Kofta Channa Pulao and the desserts like Phirni, Rabri, Sukhi Seviyan or the Mithe Chawal.

Preparing tasty cuisineHyderabadis who love food are relishing the Balti dishes very much. As the evening starts people are getting into the lake side restaurant to relish the delectable Balti dishes. "I love eating ethnic traditional dishes of Indian subcontinent. I heard about Balti dishes before but I never tried it. But after eating them I became an instant fan of Balti dishes", says a food connoisseur Raj Chaudhary. "The Balti dishes are excellent. The unique aroma of Balti cuisine is fabulous", says Mrs Nalini Singh who relished the Balti cuisine with her family at Kebab-e-Bahar.

The Balti Food Festival will end on August 12.

MAR Fareed
Photographs: Ajay Jhaka

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