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Zedds - More than just shoes 

The store for foot accessories has introduced a unique and stylish footwear with an attractive bunch of imported fruits with nubuck leather and transparent uppers with about two inches of heels. Aimed at fashion conscious ladies in the age group of 18 - 38 they are priced at Rs 690/-.

Put your best foot forward and step into Zedds. You'll walk into a world where perception begins, feet up. There's footwear all over the place. Like an Arabian king's harem, they lay - some carelessly stretched across the floor, others perched pretty, all so beautiful and all so tempting.

Glimmers and Glitters!Running tirelessly from shoe to shoe, from customer to customer, is Rajesh, the man who brought Zedds to Hyderabad. He runs the store together with his lovely wife Monya.

Zedds in Hyderabad is part of a larger company with the same name, that is based in Karnal, Haryana. With six other branches all over the country, Zedds arrived in Hyderabad five years ago. The Hyderabad store displays footwear created by an in-house team of three designers, including two based in Italy. If there is such a thing as a barometer of footwear fashion, then truly Zedds is it. Footwear with attitude The company keeps a close watch on the styles in vogue, both in India and abroad, and initiates new trends in India as and when the market is ready for it. For instance Rajesh says, "Stilettos are the rage abroad but in India, platforms are in. Indians aren't ready for it. If they walk on the delicate stilettos, they might just fall."

Slip and sulk away? Not at all. The Indian consumer is just a couple of months behind. "The latest styles will reach here in a couple of months." Meanwhile, what adorns the lovely Indian (read Hyderabadi) feet? "Straight heels and slip ons are in. The material shimmers with sequins and glitters as well as zardozi work." But the prettiest of them all are the ones with delicate flowers of various hues sewn on them. They exude the freshness of the pre dawn blooms.

Footwear with attitudeZedds presents their designs at a glittering fashion show held annually. That's once a year. For now, there's a customer walking in every five minutes, keeping the spirited duo of Rajesh and Monya on their toes. And that's in between sorting out the new stocks, which arrives every third day. Watching them at work, you can't help but believe that the enthusiasm and charm is far beyond astute salesmanship. There's a lot of dedication there. And even as you gaze at the rows of shoes, that stare back at you, leaving you in no doubt that fashionable footwear is not just about shoes, it's all about the attitude. And that's something that personifies Zedds - from store, to owners, to the shoes.

Address: Zedds, Road No 1,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad -500 034,
Phone: 3353303


Divya Unnikrishnan

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