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Dreams became a reality at the Diamond Vivaha Jewellery show held at the grand opening of the Kirtilal Kalidas showroom in Hyderabad. The opening ceremony at the Taj Residency saw a display like one has never seen before. Models strutted on the catwalk, adorned with the most exquisite pieces of the Diamond Vivaha Jewellery, specially designed by Kirtilal Kalidas for the occasion. Keeping the viewers spellbound, the prize winning designs of 'Diamonds are Forever 2001 Collection' put together by the Diamond Information Centre, materialized in sparkles of splendour before the eyes. The show was choreographed by Imran Khan.

The Kirtilal Kalidas showroom opened on the 21st March 2001.

Diamonds are Forever 2001  Collection

Diamonds are Forever 2001 Collection
The models posing with the specially designed white gold diamond jewellery.

The Bridal Collection
With a total of 104 carats of diamonds, the collection includes a Gajalakhsmi Vaddanam with 45 carats of diamonds, a necklace (22 carats), bangles and earrings.

The Bridal Collection
Niagara Necklace

Niagara Necklace
Reflecting the cascading waterfalls, this white gold piece of marvel stands for love, unity and courage. It is studded with 2120 diamonds which weigh a total of 164 carats.

Floral Ecstasy
An exclusive design available at Kirtilal can be worn for any occasion, traditional or modern. Made up of white and yellow metal, the necklace consists of 774 diamonds, which weigh a total of 639 carats.

Floral Ecstacy
Modern blended with Traditional

Modern blended with traditional
A unique shaped white gold necklace studded with 1620 diamonds weighing a total of 29.02 carats. The bracelet, named Dew Drops is a novel idea of a designer at the National Diamond Jewellery contest. The bracelet consists of diamonds studded in white gold and put together by a nylon thread network. The brace looks like the shining dew drops in the rising sun.

Nakshatra Floral Touch
Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery is designed and manufactured by Kirtilal Kalidas's factory at Coimbatore. Nakshatra brand is showcased by Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai.

Nakshtra Floral Touch

Mohan G Jagan
Photographs by:
Srinivas Shetty

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