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FERY FARID- CARING FOR YOUR LOCKSThere are so many high profile beauty parlours in the city, but Fery's is different. Don't believe me? Check out their policy- 'You are the most precious person, for beauty begins and ends with you.' And if you think this is some sweet sounding public relations babble, then you must meet Fery Farid. Everything about her speaks of someone who's got her feet right on the ground. There's nothing cosmetic about her. Perhaps that's why it's so easy for her to let her hair down and unlock her creativity.

Fery Farid, who hails from Iran, is the founder of the six years old Fery's Hair and Beauty, a parlour that was started in Secunderabad in 1994. In 1996, she moved Fery's to Amrutha Mall. "I cannot call this a business, it is a passion". A passion for hair styling and beauty that dates way back to a time when she was ONE OF THE BEST13 years old and would trim and style others' hair, "Just like that, with no training at all." What started as a hobby developed into a full-fledged career. Fery did a course with Shahnaz Hussain and started Ferry's.

In Fery Farid's words, "Minus slimming, we provide everything." The range of services broadly includes hair care, skin care, make up, men's grooming, hair removal and hand and feet care. But Fery's forte is in hair care. One has to take a prior appointment for a hair cut for Fery Farid herself does the cutting and she's someone who approaches her work with an imagination that is rooted in thoroughly understanding her clients' needs. "Hair cutting is not just about creating a hairstyle. To do that one has to understand the nature of the clients, their family background, lifestyle and attitude. The hairstyle has to suit both the face and the mentality of the client."

Little wonder then that Ferry's attracts a wide range of clients that include celebrities (read Madhuri Dixit, Farah Khan et al). Ask about her celebrity customers, and she shrugs with her characteristic nonchalance. "To me all my clients are the same and deserve the same attention. Sometimes this irritates some celebrities who think that they deserve special attention over other customers." She smiles as she speaks and you recognise in an instant that for her beauty is always more than just skin deep. And that's perhaps the single reason that Fery Farid is so good at her work and Fery's- the parlour is one of the best in the city.

Address: Shop No 9, Amrutha Mall, Somajiguda, Hyderabad,
Phone: 330 1463, 331 9689


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