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A Different ShotFor someone who "woke up one fine morning and decided to venture into fashion photography," Satish has come a long way. He is the only exclusive fashion photographer in the city. Here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with Satish.

From selling hand pumps to photography, how did that happen?

My life has been an extension of my creativity. When my dad fell ill I took care of his business of selling hand pumps. For four years, I did it for my dad, and three years for myself. Then one fine morning, something went wrong, I didn't like it, so I locked it. I took over a company called Ad Expressions. A year later, I saw this place (Obsessions Studio), bought it and built it. I bought a lot of books and a simple camera. Before I started this, I had neither seen a studio, nor worked with a camera flash, or a metre, I learnt everything here.

Setting the moodWhy fashion photography?

It fascinates me - people, colours, fabrics, trends… the change, everything. There's so much in a human body. A simple human body can be transformed in so many ways. I always believe that everyone is photogenic, it only differs from how many points you have. And I like to capture that point. I take it as a challenge to prove it.

What is fashion to you?

Strike a poseIn fashion, it is not the face, not the stitch, or the fabric, or the colour… it is the mood. What you are wearing, where you are standing, how you are posing, what's your personality, what comes out of it, what's the backdrop, what's the set, where's the light, all this gets into my picture. It's the mood that makes the difference. That is fashion to me.

How important is body language?

100 per cent. You might be wearing a mini skirt, but it won't look vulgar. There's a very thin line between vulgarity and artistry. That's body language. The minute a model starts looking vulgar, the photography has failed. A photographer has to get the right body language from the person.

When you click a picture, whose moods are you capturing - yours or the model's?

It's like this, I'm in the mood to take a picture and I'm capturing her. If I'm not in the mood, I won't know what to capture and she won't know what to give.

How do you play with lights?

Exploring a womanTo me there's only one light, 'sun-light'. Rest all are reflections. So I use one light, rest of all are my reflectors. I use about five to six reflectors.

Who do you prefer to click - a woman or a man?

Definitely a woman. Simply because, there's so much to explore - body, personality. There's so much depth in a woman. For a man, it's just clothes, a pant, a shirt. It is much more difficult to do something new. With a girl you can do a number of things.

How do you vibe with your models?

When someone comes to me, I don't shoot that day. I meet the model twice or thrice on some pretext - selecting the clothes, etc. We become familiar. The model is more comfortable. It's very important, as even one per cent of hesitation must not show in the picture.

What are your hobbies?

When I have some free time, I love to watch movies… lots and lots of movies.

Future plans?

I want to get into motion picture direction. I love to create characters, fantasy, drama. There are a couple of big projects (in that area) on the cards.

Address: Obsession Studio (& Boutique), Road No 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 500 034, Phone: 657 5510


--Divya Unnikrishnan

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