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  Catwalk to success 
Actor Abbas tries out the RunwaySo you're 6 feet tall and all your friends think you're gorgeous. You want to foray into the world of high fashion and ramp modelling. With all due enthusiasm you step into your heels and put your best foot forward… and Bang! You fall flat on your face.

Aspiring to be a model is no cakewalk. You have to know the right people, have the right contacts, click the best pictures, walk the right catwalk… truly a tall order. But if you had the support and approval of Hyderabad's best choreographer Imran Khan and his wife and designer Mahanoor Khan then truly your career is set to walk down the best ramps.

Imran Khan established the Runway Modelling Institute in 1997 in the course of a booming career as a choreographer. At the time of its launch, Imran Khan told the press, "Give me two to three years and I'll give you a winner." His time's up, and Runway can boast of not one but many models like Reggie Verghese (The winner of the Gladrags Manhunt contest organised in Mumbai this March 2000) and Preity Dubey (she's currently in Mumbai contesting the final rounds of the Femina Miss India). Just last week, five of his models qualified for the semifinals for the next Gladrags Mega Model contest. Hard at work

Runway offers courses ranging from 45 days to three months. Three months to produce a pro? Well, to begin with, Runway has rather high standards for entry and only few of the model wannabes can meet them. "We look for a minimum height of 5'6 for a girl and 5'11 for a boy. Extraordinary physique in a boy and a good figure for a girl. Attitude and personality is very important for a model. Besides, they must have a sense of rhythm, music and expression." That's a lot of qualities one has to possess. Yet Runway has about 170 registered students. Out of these only 23 are currently under training. If entry is difficult, then doing the course and getting through it is harder. Boys and girls have to work 2- 4 hours every day to keep their body muscled and toned. A video camera records their movements, which they later critically analyse.

The best part of the course is that students can earn while they learn. Imran does a lot of shows and the best models in the institute easily earn more money than they spend on the course. Little wonder that they (read aspiring models, happening models, designers, media et al) say that if you want to be a model then the first thing to do is to get yourself enrolled into the Runway Modelling Institute.

Address: Plot 108, Phase 1, Kamalapuri Colony, Hyderabad- 500 073,
Phone: 374 1457


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