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Youthful imagery After Kirthilals, the latest entrant into the Hyderabad jewellery market is the Oyzterbay. Unlike Kirthilals, Oyzterbay gold jewellery collection is targeted for youth and low-end customers.

Explaining the rationale to target the youth segment Mr. Vasant Nangia, Chief Executive Officer, Oyzterbay said, "Almost a fourth of Indian youth segment, estimated at over 200 million, comprises females in the age group of 15-24. Most of them are living in urban areas with monthly household income of over Rs. 3000. The retail market for branded jewellery is currently estimated to be Rs. 500 crores and growing exponentially. The oyzterbay brand building strategy, aimed at addressing this relatively unexploited segment, envisages achieving a paradigm shift as far as the usage and perception of precious jewellery is concerned."

Neptune rangeIn today's jewellery market, Indian youth have an option to wear either traditional jewellery handed down to them by their parents and grandparents, or resort to wearing relatively cheap and poorly made fashion and imitation jewellery. "It is amazing that the extensive choice that women have with respect to their wardrobe is not matched by the variety in contemporary wearable jewellery. There is a latent demand for jewellery, that is modern, has intrinsic value and is affordably priced to attract youth," Mr. Nangia added.

Oyzterbay launched a set of over 1000 comtemporary and classical designs categorized in four ranges- Neptune, Atlantis, Coral Reef, and Mermaid. The four ranges have been inspired by colour, nature and the zest for living. Neptune is a delicately crafted range in 34 Kt pure gold (99.99%), and uses electroforming to produce sturdy jewellery with a shelf thickness below 0.2 mm. Atlantis, made in 22 Kt (91.6%) gold with an array of contemporary as well as classical designs. The Mermaid is a range embellished with a variety of natural gemstones. The fourth collection, Coral Reef, is a range of 18 Kt gold studded with natural gemstones across palette of colours and designs.

Atlantis rangeMr. Johnson Verghese, Vice-president - Operations, Oyzterbay said, "We have created designs in Gold and Sterling Silver, both plain and gemset, to cater the youth segment. We are introducing the widest collection of natural gemstones in myriad colours and cuts. Almost 80 percent of the product portfolio comprise Pendants, Ear rings and Finger Rings. The balance consists of of Bracelets, Neck Wear and Chains."

Explaining the pricing strategy Mr. Verghese added, " Our aim is to carve a niche by positioing gold, sterling silver and other precious jewellery as fashionable, cool and yet affordable- a platform to which no player in the Indain industry can stake claim today. Our pricing strategy will influence the purchase of jewellery by a customer base that hitherto considered the use of gold at much later phase in their lives. With keeping prices low, the 'Costume Junk' trap has been carefully avoided."

Mermaid rangeOyzterbay signature store located at Paradise carries a composite youthful imagery. The external display in glass allows an unfettered view of the entire product range at a glance. The store showcases products that are a statement of style. All the Oyzterbay ranges are affordably priced between Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 and will be retailed at is exclusive showroom only.

Address: Oyzterbay, Opp. Paradise Hotel, Sarojini Devi Road, Secunderabad-500 003. Phone: 781 5079

E-mail: Website:
- Mohan G Jagan
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