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Fire protection systemsIn this 21st century, security is required not just to your life and property but also includes the vital information of your business. The watchman or Gurkha you employ can stop unauthorised intrusion into your premises. But these conventional systems are not fit for the era of Information Technology, where the offenders are using novel methods to breaking houses to hacking computer passwords. To keep pace with modern era, Globe Detective Agency, a premier security solutions provider has come out with the state-of- the-art technology to provide the ideal security solutions using advanced biometric technology applications. Globe displayed its electronic smart security systems in an exhibition held in the city in the last week of April 2001.

"For more than four decades we have been providing security and investigation services to the people. In 1987 we entered into the indigenous designing and manufacturing of electronic security systems. These systems would provide protection to people's lives, property as well as business secrets," said Mr. Vivek Kumar, Managing Director of the company.

Access control system"The main objective of this exhibition is to make aware of the Hyderabad people and corporate houses about the latest security systems available with us," added Mr. Vivek.

The security systems displayed at the exhibition can be broadly divided into - Fire alarm systems, Access control systems, PC security systems, Wireless CCTV and Wireless security systems.

The intelligent fire alarm systems were useful for domestic and industrial purposes. They displayed various types of fire, flame, heat, smoke detectors and sirens. Most of the systems have advanced features like multiple location detectors useful in multi storied buildings. The voice evacuation feature is useful for the safe evacuation of the people in case of fire accident. "We developed a special fire detection alarming system for Department of Telecommunications. Most of the telephone exchanges of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu are protected with our equipment," said Mr. Vivek.

Vivek Kumar, M.D.The most attractive security system of the show was the PC security system empowered with Biometric access control system. Generally the computers come with a password protection system. But hacking become child's play, the traditional password system is often, just not enough protection against fraudulent usage of your files. A secret password coupled with unforegeable security tool like fingerprint detection mechanism can save your secrets. "The finger prints of the all the users of the system or network are recorded and preserved electronically. When a person wanted to access the information he has to give his pass word and register his fingerprint through a special mouse like devise. The computer will allow the user to access the information only after matching the fingerprint with the available users. It is a simple cost effective system to safeguard your vital information. Apart from fingerprint recognition, we also offer face recognition system. This system consists of a PC camera with necessary software. wherein the authorized user only is allowed to log onto the computer after his facial features are verified by the computer. When users and clients want to gain access to certain restricted information, all they need to do is to look in to a simple PC camera to identify them and allow them to access," explained Mr. Shafi Baig, Manager of the Hyderabad branch.

Globe also offers wide range of CCTV surveillance and observations system with multiplexing and recording systems. They also offer state of the art wireless CCTV system for closed premises to monitor vital areas.

Biometric PC security systemGlobe displayed a wide range or security alarm system with conventional handwired devices such as Door sensors, Glass Break Sensors, Passive Infrared Detectors, Vibration Detectors and Panic switches etc. To secure banks, residences, offices, ware houses, industrial premises and other areas where the security is required. These devices are all hooked up to a process control unit, which in turn provides audio-visual alarms. The output can also be connected with a telephone dialer, which in the event of breach of security can dial up emergency numbers and informs the intrusion.

There were some sophisticated latest wireless security alarm systems at the display for closed premises like AC rooms, ware houses, strong rooms. The system consists of Wireless Door Contacts, Passive Infrared Detectors, Remote panic buttons and other devices, which are programmed to communicate with the control panel. The system eliminates the use of cabling thus maintaining the aesthetics of the premises, it protects. Thus it is easily and quickly installable in existing environment, be it residence, office, banks etc. Airtel, the cellulare service provider in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka using these wireless security alarm systems to protect their cellular tower equipment.

Wireless CCTVAll theses products and other conventional systems are exhibited and demonstrated in the exhibition hall. They are affordable, cost effective and advanced technological products. Globe not only offers the above systems, but its team of skilled engineers continue to offer you prompt after sales service thus ensuring that the systems remain functional over a period of time.

Address: Globe Detective Agency (P) Ltd., Shankala Complex, 2/1/163, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Secunderabad - 500 003 Phones: 781 2292/3375


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- Mohan G Jagan
Photographs by Srinivas Setty
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