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Here is a new global telecom service called Navin Mail that allows you to send your phone mails any where in the world for just Rs.10 per minute. If you want to send a message within India then you have to pay mere Rs. 3 per minute. To utilize this service you need not to buy any special equipment. Even if you don't have a telephone connection, you can send messages through Navin Mail. How to utilize this novel service? Get into your nearest Navin Mail Centre, register yourself as a member by paying Rs. 50. You can also register yourself as a member over the phone. They will allot you a Username ID and a Password. Whenever you want to send a phone mail dial to Navin Mail Centre enter your username and password, give the receiver's phone number and record the message. Another interesting feature of the Mail is the option for sending mails in regional languages. You can select your mother tongue or any other language to record your message. The message will be sent to the receiver within minutes.

Navin Mail account gives you an opportunity to receive phone mails from any part of the world. Dial the Naveen Mail Centre's number and enter your user ID and password, you will get the message by phone itself. You will be surprised that with Navin Mail the distance between you and any person in the world is just a local call away. Think of Navin Mail when you don't have time to chat on internet or your friend abroad is offline.

For details contact Phone: 661 3380 / 666 6500

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