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 Satellite Messaging Facility

Whenever I tried to convey a simple message to my friend in Delhi, I had to wait for at least 15 minutes due to a long queue at the STD booth or non-availability of lines. But on the other day I saw an advertisement in the newspaper announcing: 'e-call, alternative to STD'. I went and tried it. It is really cheaper than STD.

If you can't take my words, try yourself. All you have to do is walk into the nearest Deltagram Centre. Record you message. And see how the e-call people will take care of the rest. The Deltagram's e-call centers in the Twin Cities facilitates you in sending your phone message to any person in India who has a telephone or pager. For a mere Rs 5. And the call is conveyed in 15 minutes. e-call may not be useful for a chat. But for just conveying a message on the phone, nothing like it. Next time when you want to make an STD call, think of e-call.



Simplicity takes a new dimension with Motorola's new T300 dual band mobile phone. The sleek countoureMotorola T300d design of the hand set puts style and comfort within your reach.

The hand set comprises easy to use features like Quick access key and Turbo Dial. The quick access key enables access to nine most frequently used features by pressing just two keys while turbo dial can store nine of the most important and frequently used numbers, which can be retrieved through a speed dial by pressing and holding the corresponding key. Equipped with a powerful battery the stand by time of the set can be extended upto 135 hours and provides you with non-stop talktime of 210 minutes.

It comes with SMS, Fax and Data compatible features and weighs only 140 gms. The Motorola T300 alerts you through VibraCell in silent zones like cinema halls and meetings. It is a feature packed innovative product at an affordable value-price propostion, targeted at the first time entrant. Priced at Rs. 7995, Motorola T300 is available at all leading outlets in two smart colours viz. mediterranean blue and black sea.
-Mohan G. Jagan

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