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Car Care

The type of battery to choose for your vehicle depends on -

a) Whether your vehicle has a dynamo or an alternator. Example: An Ambassador with a dynamo would do well with a hard rubber range battery while an Ambassador with an alternator would need a poly propleyne battery. b) Your driving pattern, average running per day. c) Electrical accessories in the vehicle like A/c, stereo, etc. d) The maintenance pattern.

batteryIf you are looking to buy batteries with foreign collabrations. Check if :
a) They are suited for Indian conditions. Most foreign batteries are designed for ideal conditions. b) They gel with the electrical system of your car.
How to get the maximum out of your battery :
a) Get your fan belt, wiring, dynamo and regulator setting regularly checked. Get your battery serviced regularly, every month. b) Top up the battery with distilled water only. Never add acid. c) Keeping the top of the battery clean and dry is important. Apply vaseline to cable clamps and terminals. Corrosion, dirt and moisture cause loss of power. d) Keep the vent plugs tightly closed. Splashing of electrolyte could cause current leakage. e) Always keep the battery fully charged.
Why you should not buy a rebuilt battery:
a) Using re-conditioned batteries is like running your vehicle on kerosene. They are charged using commercial acids. b) Re-builders salvage plates from old batteries and construct a battery. c) Re-built batteries are not consistent, as they obtain material from various sources that keep changing. d) Re-built batteries are not consistent, as they are made of material from various sources. e) A re-builder's guarantee is a gimmick. If your battery fails he gives you another re-built battery. f) A low quality battery will ultimately spoil your vehicle's electrical system. g) With a re-built battery your vehicle may require a push start. This gives jerks to the clutch and transmission rod and can damage them over a period of time. You will finally end up making more trips to the garage than your business destinations



Remember these points while buying a used car:

used car Trust only natural light while checking for dents or damages. Never check a car at night.
Consider what a car mechanic has to say about the car and it's price.
Watch for rusty portions and dents. Surface blisters in the paint are a bad sign, indicating that the panel is about to rust through completely. The car's bodywork is important.
Tap with fingers along the bottom edge of the body. Solid metal bodywork will have a metallic ring. Quick repairs with a plastic body filler will give a dull tap.
Check for jerks and loosening by rolling all windows up and down, and opening and shutting the doors, trunk and hood. Any improper fit may indicate that the car has been hit and the frame or body is permanently bent.
Inspect tyres carefully for uneven wear which is a sign of a bent frame or a worn out suspension.
Be suspicious of brand new tyres: the old ones may have indicated bad shock absorbers or bad wheel alignment.
If there is excessive tyre wear but the odometer shows low mileage, the meter has been tampered with.
Grab the top of each wheel and pull it in and out. If there is much movement or noise, check for worn suspension and wheel bearings.
Push down each corner of the car several times, then release it. If the car bounces up and down more than twice, you may need new shocks.
Check the radiator and battery for cracks, and proper fluid levels.
Excessive wear in the trunk cargo area could mean that the car was used to carry heavy loads, which ages a car quickly.
Press down on the brakes. If the pedal goes too low or sinks to the floor, it means the hydraulic system is defective.
Try all accessories at the same time and make sure they all work.
Start the engine and listen for unusual noises that can indicate expensive engine repairs in future.

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