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Fisherman Which art form is greater and more valuable? Painting or sculpture? This has been the unanswerable and often debated question since ancient times. As a form in which the expressions are shown in a dimensionally right way on a flat surface, painting always got its credibility. On the other side, sculptures are known to be the best reflections of lively structures. In spite of the competition, both art forms are related to each other in view of their origin - creativity. In recent times, art connoisseurs are paying similar interest to both the art forms.

Reclining  Head by Hari PrasadAs a house of art, Hyderabad is always the happening city with continuous art exhibitions and displays. Thanks to Lakshana Art Gallery, which is striving to enthrall art lovers of Hyderabad by displaying exclusive artworks and sculptures of Indian artists regularly. This time, Lakshana has given relief to Hyderabadis with its recently held exhibition of sculptures, titled 'Structures'. Done by renowned as well as upcoming artists of Andhra Pradesh, the works were on display from February 15 to March 8.

Sisir Sahana's Glass carving All the artists put forth their perceptions and the resulting works emerged as replicas of their sensitivity and skill. The sculptures were carvings shaped in to modernistic models. D.L.N. Reddy, Hari Prasad, Manohar, Rama Krishna, Rohini Reddy, Shyam Sunder, Sisir Sahana and Srinivas Reddy proved that sculptures always have their own genuine look. Carvings of Wood, Glass, Sandstone, Bronze and terrakota were displayed. "There is a lot of talent in Andhra Pradesh Sculptors. Especially in this exhibition that was reflected gently," said Ramesh, a student of fine arts, JNTU.

Journey through 'Structures' The sandstone works of Hari Prasad were of a different kind. He has delightfully explored his creative visions of mind in his works - Reclining head, Fisherman and others. Sisir Sahana's two untitled works, moulded with glass have earned a place in many hearts. Well known artist, D.L.N. Reddy's bronze works allured the visitors immensely. He joined the dated sickles and knives with such dexterity, giving them a natural look and displayed them as portrait profiles. "The Exhibition is good and inspiring. It is like the world of sculptures with different sizes, expressions and above all structures, as the title suggests," said Narendar, an art lover.

A journey through these 'Structures' was a memorable experience to one and all.
-Krishna Chaitanya Karanam
Photographs by: KP Devadasan

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