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A unique glass sculptureGlass, to an artist over the years, has been a medium for creative expression. For Sisir Sahana, coming to Hyderabad from Kolkata was an unforeseen event, similar to his foray into the medium of glass and his gradual transformation into a sculptor from a painter. He created many outstanding works by using a unique and indeed a challenging medium, glass. He displayed his selected works in an exhibition titled, 'Frozen in time' at Surya Art Gallery, which was concluded recently. The exhibition offered ample chance to all the art connoisseurs of the city to enrich their experience.

Sisir's exclusive creationSisir Sahana, who did his BFA and MFA in Shantiniketan - Kalabhavan came to Hyderabad to join as a art teacher at Hyderabad Public School in the city, which he pursued for four years. Later in 1993 Sisir received the Commonwealth Scholarship and the one-year Advance Diploma in Stained Glass Painting from Central St Martin's College of Art and Design at London.

Initially, after the training in London, Sisir made stained glass works using the simple technique - painting and firing, but now Sisir says, "Without my knowledge, by sheer excitement of experimenting with glass and exploring the medium, combining it with various materials, I have become a sculptor. I never thought my fascination for glass would make me a sculptor. There is great potential in the medium and I am restless to explore it," he said. All Sisir's sculptures are appropriate translations of his paintings.

Paintings of Sisir on displaySisir's present exhibition of moulded glass sculptures 'Frozen in time' is a synthesis of his relation between being a painter and an experimentalist with glass, colour and technology. It has showcased his three techniques - 'moulded in glass and painted' (where glass pieces are arranged into the made mould, heated, cooled then painted and reheated), 'glass fused in the mould' (relatively simpler technique where glass of different colours is put in the mould and fused while heating) and 'glass casting and inclusion' (the toughest process - where a sculpture in coloured glass is made by casting in mould using molten glass - it is cooled and then around it plain melted glass or textured plain glass is poured in molten form, which gives the impression of glass in glass). Undoubtedly, a highly technical process, which involves making moulds out of plaster, clay and sand, heating, cooling, painting, melting, cleaning, cooling and reheating. With all these basic factors, Sisir finds many ways to create exceptional and unique works.

When asked about the importance of technique, Sisir says, "Technique should not overplay or overshadow your artistic inspiration. But you need to learn the technique for proper expression. Yes, in the beginning I was obsessed with the learning process and it was dominating my sensibilities. Now it is just a craft which I use to express my ideas."

Sisir's 'Frozen in time' is certainly the best expression of creativity.
- Krishna Chaitanya Karanam
Photographs by: Srinivas Setty
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