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 Moosvi Decorators
Leap into the pastWalk into Moosvi Decorators, a tiny antique shop and you'll suddenly become curious about the past. The passage of history is very evident here. The stories crawl out of quaint mahogany cupboards, intricately carved and mirrored dressing tables and faded miniature paintings. Amidst all these insignias of another era, you wonder if inanimate objects could speak, what would they say?

Priceless knick knacksAt Moosvi Decorators the sheer range of period furniture, antique candle stands, strangely painted masks, gigantic jewellery boxes are awe inspiring. Every single inch of the store is beautifully laden with priceless knick-knacks.

The store was set up 14 years ago in Banjara Hills. But the family business of buying and selling antiques is almost 40 years old. Nawazish Ali Moosvi started the business and used to sell items that were collected from the house of the Salar Jungs and the Nizam. Today the store is run by his son Abbas Moosvi, a man who thrives on a passion for antiques.

The oldest, a mahogany sideboard that belonged to the Salar Jung family, is 140 years old. It was purchased from an old British company, C Lazarus Company, which had acquired it decades ago. For a photography buffs Moosvi has many An assmebled gramophoneinteresting items. There's an old box with a glassed hole on one end that looks plain and ordinary. Except that it is one of the earliest models of a camera.The store also houses Kodak's first instant-photo model as well as a film projector.

The customer list includes some of the top business families and connoisseurs of the city. Moosvi has also provided antique pieces that adorn the Hotel Viceroy International situated at the Lower Tank Bund. Abbas Moosvi has initiated a new trend in the antique business. He refashions old and ravaged items collected from old havelis and gives them a new look Like the gramophone that proudly sits in the centre. It looks likes something straight from the past till Abbas reveals that it's an assembled piece. At times the antiques here even acquire whole new purpose. Like the wall brackets that are refashioned to be used as a coffee table.

For an art connoisseur, Moosvi Decorators is a treasure trove. Else, a visit to the shop and the knowledge of Moosvi is an informative walk into history. And whether you buy something or not the experience much like the antiques is enriching.

Address: Moosvi Decorators, Shop No 14, Hi-Line Complex, Road No 12, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad- 500 034,
Phone: 3314274
Contact Person:
Abbas Moosvi


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